Gina Cappo Pack is an Executive Producer at Palladium Pictures and also handles a wide range of managerial tasks. She also serves as Executive Producer for Manifold Productions’ film and educational projects, which are on-going.

Gina’s recent background is in development and film promotion. In her past, she worked in corporate management, marketing, and personnel. Her early skills and experience as a corporate executive have lent direction to Manifold Productions, while helping to maintain an efficient use of resources.

She has worked in fundraising, promotion, and management since 1987 for Manifold Productions, and serves as an executive producer. She consulted in donor relations for the Claremont Institute in Southern California, while continuing her development work at Manifold Productions.

Previously, she worked in operations planning and new product development before she left corporate management at Pandick Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of a financial printing firm. Along with assisting the expansion of offices in twelve cities, she worked closely with regional sales and operations, while reporting to the president. Prior to this, Gina consulted for a variety of expanding businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit. While still in college, she managed a division of TemPositions, Inc., a New York temporary help firm, where she was initially responsible for personnel interviewing and placement; later assisting the sales force, coordinating training, and managing departmental operations.

Gina is a graduate of Hunter College of the City University of New York. She is married to Michael Pack; they have three grown sons and reside in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Her favorite film is To Be or Not to Be.