As we continue to grow and take on significant new projects, we are thrilled to be able to open up an opportunity for a new Associate Producer on our team. This position is an in-office role and offers the flexibility of full-time or part-time hours (except for some long production days), with salary commensurate with experience.

As an Associate Producer at Palladium Pictures, you will have the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with a premier documentary filmmaker, gaining valuable experience in every aspect of the filmmaking business. This role promises to develop a diverse skill set, provide exposure to intriguing personalities, and offer ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Notably, all of our films are award-winning and have been nationally broadcast on PBS. 

Key Skills Needed:

  • Excellent Phone Manner: Possess strong communication skills, as you will be engaging with various stakeholders, including subjects, partners, and team members.
  • Well-Organized with Prioritization and Problem-Solving Abilities: Efficiently manage multiple tasks and projects, ensuring smooth operations and timely completion of assignments. Exhibit adept problem-solving skills to address challenges effectively.
  • Strong Computer Skills with Troubleshooting Ability: Proficiency in various software and technology relevant to the production industry. Ability to troubleshoot technical issues independently or seek appropriate support.
  • Interest and Experience in Conservative Political Thought and Media: A keen interest and background in conservative political thought and media will be advantageous in understanding the context and content of our projects.

Required Experience:

  • Three to Ten Years Working for a Production Company: A minimum of one to ten years of experience in a production company setting, demonstrating familiarity with film production processes and workflows. We understand that this is a wide range, and the scope of role is flexible for the right person. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree is required.
  • Must be able to legally work in the United States.  
  • Must be available to work in person in our offices in Chevy Chase MD (Washington DC area)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research: Engage in comprehensive research for project development, rights clearance, and archival work, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of our films’ content.
  • Assist Producers: Collaborate closely with producers to plan and organize all aspects of film production, contributing valuable insights and support throughout the process.
  • Social Media and Public Relations Support: Play an active role in social media management and public relations initiatives, promoting our films and engaging with our audience.
  • Shoot Organization and Management: Efficiently organize and manage shoots, coordinating logistics, equipment, and personnel to ensure successful and smooth production operations.